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I was a dessert caterer in So. California for several years. I’m a passionate baker, who believes that if it isn’t exceptional, it’s not worth the calories. I got into this business, because I couldn’t find a bakery in Dallas (when I moved here) that I thought had exceptional baked goods. I knew that I could do a lot better with my own homemade recipes. I’m very, very picky, and felt that if I loved my goodies, so would the rest of the public. I was right! I was encouraged by many people that I catered for, to open up my own bakery. I’m very excited and blessed, to be sure.

The best thing about having this bakery, is the feedback I get from my customers. My Chocolate Chip Cookie was named the OMG, due to the fact that everyone who tried it, would say OMG – this is the BEST cookie I have ever tasted. That’s how it got the name! My recipes are my own, after years of experimenting and trying them out on friends and family. My goal, is to make the best of whatever the baked good is, that you have ever had. My chocolate cake recipe was my grandma’s, and I’ve never had a better cake. Thanks to everyone who believed in me and for making BAKED possible!

...And just a dash about Toni

Toni Rivard, claims to have been born with a chocolate spoon in her mouth. A passionate baker with an eye for the fabulous, Rivard took her love for entertaining and mixed it with her culinary hobby. Toni Rivard’s addicting desserts have landed her the title of a local socialite with her baked goods gaining nationwide fame quickly. Her recipes cater to a wide-demographic from clientele hosting the utmost discriminating of tastes to those in need of something reminding them of grandma’s Sunday baking.

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